Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Control Panels


Wire Harnesses, Cable Assemblies, Control Panels, Kitting & Assembly. Sub-Assemblies

“Enertech produces assemblies with:


♦  plain, striped, hot stamped or jacketed wire

♦  various gauges, lengths and complexity

♦  high flex, Teflon®, automotive and UL wire types

♦  wire lengths that are precisely and consistently controlled

♦  automated stripping and crimping

♦  in-house applicators (AMP, Deutsch, Molex and Packard and more)

♦  splices that are mechanically joined, soldered and heat shrink covered

♦  switches, relays, fuse blocks, circuit breakers: inline or panel mounted

♦  testing per customer request

♦  labeling that has customer part number, revision level and manufacturing date on durable label stock to assist in quality and production control

Kitting, hardware assembly and sorting are available.

Enertech Corporation is a specialized Electronic and Electrical Manufacturing house.  Enertech has produced High Quality Products for all types of applications, OEM and After-Market, for 25 years.

Industries and Markets Served:  Government Contract, Heavy Industrial, RV and Custom Vehicle, Automation and Control, Heating and Cooling, OEM Equipment, Food Service, Alternative Energy

Enertech is a manufacturer of Wire Harness Assemblies, Isolation Diode Assemblies, as well as various types of Instrument and Control Panel Assemblies.

Enertech is experienced in Electronics Manufacturing, and does contract manufacturing for projects which fit our capabilities.

Enertech proudly produces and assembles all of its products at our manufacturing facility in Hersey, Michigan.  Enertech has maintains a reputation for Outstanding Quality and Customer Service while continually searching to Improve our products and advance our processes to the highest possible levels.”  — Enertech About Us Webpage