Power Semiconductors, IGBT’s, SiC, MOSFET’s, Modules


Fuji Electric delivers high-performance power semiconductors for energy, automotive, information technology, and industrial applications.

High performance 7th Gen IGBT power modules up to 3300V and 3600A, SiC Devices, Power MOSFET’s

“Fuji Electric Corp. of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., and has been responsible for sales and distribution of the company’s products since 1970.  Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. began developing power electronics equipment in 1923, and is a global leader in industrial products ranging from semiconductors, HMIs, power supply, and power generation equipment to AC drives and uninterruptible power systems.

Fuji Electric has created a number of new businesses during the nearly 90 years since our founding. A single theme has linked each of these—that of “Power Electronics Technology” combining power semiconductors, circuits, control systems, and similar technologies. Fuji Electric now aims to become a leading-edge company in “energy and the environment” by building upon our core platform of five technology fields which unlock the potential of electricity—energy, industrial systems, social systems, power electronics, and electronic devices.”  –Fuji’s About Us Webpage

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