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High Quality Power Connectors

“Shenzhen Greda Power Connection Devices Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of power connectors and cable assemblies. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales service, and provides customers with overall supporting solutions for connection systems.

Greda products mainly include SPC series single-stage power connectors, MPC series; GPS series; GPO/GPE series multi-stage power connectors; GPD series and DIN series power connectors, the working current of the products is from 15AMP to 350AMP. Widely used in electric vehicles, electric forklifts, UPS, general power supply, medical equipment, solar energy and new energy and other fields.

Our company’s power connector contacts realize “plane contact technology”. It has the characteristics of low cost, high efficiency through current, low loss, support for hot swap and long service life. And with single-hole and multi-hole connectors, multi-pole parallel connection of power supply modules can be realized, which can be combined at will according to actual application requirements. With fast plugging and unplugging, the performance of plugging life of up to 10,000 times can be achieved. –Grid Power’s About Us Webpage

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